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Pay stubs for Ismael Nicholas Osorio for work paid by E.E. Harden Packing Company, Salinas, CA for work between Dec. 15, 1945 to Jan. 31, 1946.

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Image of three pay stubs from the Snohomish Farm Labor Committee, through the E.E. Harden Packing Company and the Monterey County Trust and Savings Bank for work in Washington State.

Pay stub or receipt from the Snohomish Farm Labor Committee, Inc. from 2 Nov thru 11 Nov. 1945 for a gross pay of 24.46.

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Tax form, 1099, for Aaron Castañeda Gamez from 1944 for work on the Pennsylvania Railroad Company.

Pay stub for Aaron Castañeda Gamez, from the Southern Pacific Railroad, 1945.
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