Open Access

The Bracero History Archive provides a URL for users who might wish harvest the archive's metadata through the Open Access Initiative-Protocol for Metadata Harvesting format:

Resources for Site Partners

Here you will find resources that will help you use the site effectively. You'll find video tutorials to help you add items to the archive, to create collections within the archive, and to create posters using items already in the archive.

Video Tutorials

An introduction to the archive

How to add items to the Bracero History Archive

How to create a poster using MyOmeka

Print resources

Metadata dictionary

Bracero User Guide

Guide to Collaborative Documentation

Collecting Resources

Here you will find resources to help you collect items to add to the archive. You will find video tutorials to help conduct interviews and to photograph or scan items to add to the archive. You will also find files and documents to help: checklists, releases, and other useful information.

An introduction to collecting

Conducting an oral history interview

Scanning and photographing objects for addition to the archive

Downloadable resources

Instructions for Interviewers

Possible Interview Questions (eng, esp)

Interviewing Farmers

Interviewing Border Patrol Agents

Printable Release (eng, esp)