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Tax form, 1099, for Aaron Castañeda Gamez from 1944 for work on the Pennsylvania Railroad Company.

Pay stub for Aaron Castañeda Gamez, from the Southern Pacific Railroad, 1945.

Alien Laborers Identification Card, back, for railroad track laborer Aaron Castañeda Gamez, identifying the Pennsylvania Railroad, as the contractor, 1944.

Alien Laborers Identification Card for Aaron Castañeda Gamez, 1944.

Image of bracero on a tractor. Aaron Castaneda Gamez driving a tractor to a field in Ohio. 1947.

Two braceros working on railroad tracks, in the mountains. Aaron Castaneda Gamez is the one in the left. Phoenix, Arizona, April 27, 1944.

Photo of braceros on railroad tracks. Aaron Castaneda Gamez is the first on the bottom right. Phoenix, Arizona, April 4, 1944.
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