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Newspaper burial notice of James Takeshi Hiroto aged 65 of Santa Ana, California.

This receipt shows money Salvador Velasco Patino sends to relative in Guadalajara, Mexico in 1945.

Receipt for blender purchased from Lopes Hardware Co. in 1958.

Handwritten note on backside of receipt of model radio purchased by Nepomucano Gonzalez in 1958.

Receipt for model radio in 1958 for Nepomucano Gonzalez

Letter support rehire of Nepomucano Gonzalez by James Hiroto of the Coachella Valley Farmers Association.

Letter for temporary visit to Mexico & readmittance to U.S., dated July 19, 1948 for Nepomuceno Gonzalez. Exited through Mexicali, B.C. and returned through Calexico, California.

Bracero travel pass of Nepomuceno Gonzalez by date of February 6, 1955 to Mexicali, Baja California

Bracero Travel Pass of Nepomuceno Gonzalez to Mexicali, Baja California good until December 29, 1952. Issued by the Coachella Valley Farmers Association

Individual work contract 1949-1950 for Nepomuseno Gonzalez Patino with the Coachella Valley Farmers Association.

Hand written report on the birth of Salvador Velasco Patino including information on parents, physical characteristics, date of birth, legitimate, Catholic birth.

Mexican military enlistment form (back) of Salvador Velasco Patino with physical traits and fingerprints.

Mexican military enlistment form for Salvador Velasco Patino dated December 26, 1942.
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