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Hand written report on the birth of Salvador Velasco Patino including information on parents, physical characteristics, date of birth, legitimate, Catholic birth.

Mexican military enlistment form (back) of Salvador Velasco Patino with physical traits and fingerprints.

Mexican military enlistment form for Salvador Velasco Patino dated December 26, 1942.

Mexican migrant worker ID for Vidal Tafoya dated September 26, 1967.

Passport of Jose Guadalupe Santacruz Rangel with his photo and physical attributes.

Birth certificate of Apolonio Venegas.

Death Certificate of Eugenio Renteria-Mojica

Birth Certificate of Eugenio Renteria. Born March 24, 1915.

Mexican marriage certificate of Eugenio Renteria and Maria Refugio Gomez.
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