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Photo of bracero's family. Alberto Miguel Marcial's collection.

sister in grass.jpg
Photo of Catalina Corella, bracero's wife, and Margarita Flores, bracero's daughter.

Photo of Jesus Corella with his three year old daughter, Margarita Flores, in 1948.

Photo of Catalina Corella, Jesus Corella's wife, and her daughter, Margarita Flores, in the "Sparks" Ranch in 1948. They lived with Jesus Corella while he worked on the ranch as a bracero.

Photo of Jesus Corella with Margarita Flores (his daughter) in the background.

Margarita Flores in the "Sparks" Ranch around 1948.

father and daughter.jpg
Photo of Margarita Flores and her father, a bracero from "Sparks" Ranch in 1948.

Ms. Concha and her family standing outside of their home during the winter of 1938. Ms. Concha is the fourth from right to left.

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The Concha family is standing outside their home during the summer of 1945. Ms. Cecilia Concha is the fifth from left to right.

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