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Winnemucca Nevada, 1953 (second left to right) (Cuando traba.jpg
Photo of Jose Francisco Delgado Soto with friends in 1953 (pictured second from left). Winnemucca, Nevada.

Post Card Winnemucca Nevada, 1954.jpg
Postcard of Winnemucca, Nevada 1954 with words "Sonoma Inn" written on it.

Foto Winnemucca Nevada, 1952 (Cuando trabajo en tren.jpg
Photo of Jose Francisco Delgado Soto in suit. 1952. He was working on the railroad without a permit at the time.

Foto San Francisco CA 1957 (extreme right).jpg
Photo of Jose Francisco Delgado Soto (Extreme Right) with friends walking in San Francisco, CA.

Crum Nevada, 1953 (Cuando trabajo en tren, sin papeles).jpg
Photograph of Jose Francisco Delgado Soto posing in front of house. "Cuando trabajo en tren. Sin papeles." Crum, Nevada, 1953. When he worked the railroad without permit.

Jose Francisco Delgado Soto's Front Side of Work Contract Signed May 14, 1957 to work with San Joaquin Farm Production

Jose Francisco Delgado Soto's Bracero Work Contract (Backside) that shows the wage per city/district of work.

Jose Francisco Delgado Soto's work contract signed on April 10, 1958 valid until May 22, 1958.

Certificate for Jose Francisco Delgado Soto of No Criminal or Legal Records signed April 8, 1958 by the Michoacan, Mexico Municipal Court.
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