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This is the interior of the certificate of recognition for Jesus Flores. He received it on March 13, 1953.

Cover of the Certificate of Recognition.

Photo of Cirino Flores Perez picking oranges in Santa Paula, California in 1953.

Anaheim, California, 1953  (3rd from left to right).jpg
Photo of Cirino Flores Perez with friends in Anaheim, California, 1953 (pictured third from left to right).

Continuation of Standard Work Contract for Timoteo Flores. Working for the Citrus Growers Inc.

Letter to Faustina Flores from Timoteo about him sending 200 dollars.

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Notification to braceros about use and procedures of MICA cards.

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Used envelops between Timoteo and Faustina Flores.

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Recommendation letter from the president of the Municipality of Tapalpa, Jalisco in 1957.

Receipt for postage/package from Timoteo Flores to Faustina Flores.

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