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Bank money order receipt, from June 9, 1944, The Peoples State Bank of Wauseon, Ohio for Catarino Casillas Rodriguez.

Employee's trip pass from the New York Central railroad for Catarino Casillas Rodriguez, good from Sept. 14, 1944 thru Nov. 1944, from Detroit, Mich to Wauseon, Ohio.

Picture post card of steam shovel in operation on railroad line. Caption reads, "Steam shovel in operation Jerome Ariz".

Interior of saving account book for Catarino Casillas Rodriguez for the The Peoples State Bank, Wauseon, Ohio. 1944.

Letter for employment or letter of recommendation for Catarino Casillas Rodriguez,written by C.R. Strattman of the New York Central System, 1944.

C.Casillas Rodriguez 15.JPG
Savings book cover for the The Peoples State Bank of Wauseon Ohio, used by Catarino Casilla Rodriguez.

C. Casillas Rodriguez10.JPG
Group photo of railroad track braceros in front of the Wauseon Depot, Wauseon, Ohio.
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