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Diaz Gusman, Jesus, 1964, front of house.jpg
Photo of braceros in front of house in 1964. Jesus Diaz Gusman is pictured at the far left. The middle individual went by the nickname "El Donador." The right individual was named Juan Martinez.

Mexican military ID showing second reserve enlistment of Agustin Bautista. Signed by Luis Leal Martinez.

Mexican military ID with confirmation of enlistment showing that Agustin Bautista conforms with military law Article 5. The left page lists Articles 163 and 164.

Mexican military ID showing regulations on service on the right page. The left page is blank and is rose colored.

Mexican military ID with personal information of Agustin Bautista including date of birth, place of birth, etc.

Mexican military ID showing regulations. First page on left indicates age regulations for military service. Second page on right is blank and rose colored.
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