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Money order receipts sent by Gonzalez to Rosario Ramirez (2) and Francisca Rodriguez (1) between 1947-1949. The amounts are for $63, $40, $30.

Money order receipts of funds sent by Gonzalez to Mexico from 1947 to 1949. Rosario Ramirez received the first two. Sra. Francisca Rodriguez received the third one. The amounts were $21, $21, and $24.

Money order receipts drawn from 1947 to 1949 of funds sent to Mexico. Receipts are to Rosario Ramirez (2) and Arnulfo Velasco (1). The amounts are $100, $26, and $35.

Duplicated marriage certificate of Augustin Bautista who was married to Isabel Bautista Zamano on July 21, 1947.
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