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Elías García Venzor


Biographical Synopsis of Interviewee: Elías García Venzor was born in Gran Morelos, Chihuahua, México, in 1925; his parents passed away when he was only seven years old; in 1950, he learned about the bracero program; he was married and had children at the time; he worked in the cotton and beet fields of Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado.

Summary of Interview: Upon entering the United States, Mr. García was sent to Rio Vista, a processing center in Socorro, Texas, where he was given a physical exam; those who were sick or physically unable to work were sent back to México; he worked for about ten or eleven years as a bracero; his four brothers were also braceros; his worst experience was when he worked in Pecos, Texas, because he earned very little money for very difficult work there; the living conditions were also difficult because there were between 200-300 braceros per barracks; because they had no showers, they filled steel tanks with water and left them outside to be warmed by the sun; he was unaware of any medical services; his best working experience was in Colorado, where he earned up to $500.00 for forty-five days of work.




Parra-Mantilla, Myrna



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