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Identification Card back

Identification Card back


Alien Laborers Identification Card, back, for railroad track laborer Aaron Castañeda Gamez, identifying the Pennsylvania Railroad, as the contractor, 1944.


This alien is admitted for a period of SIX MONTHS, for the sole purpose of employment as a TRACK LABORER with the PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD on the condition that he shall not engage in any other business or occupation or employment and shall depart (A) within fifteen days after notice of revocation of temporary stay, or cessation of services as such laborer, or, in any event, (B) within thirty days after termination of the present war.


Aaron Castañeda Gamez



Bibliographic Citation

Aaron Castañeda Gamez, "Identification Card back," in Bracero History Archive, Item #513, http://braceroarchive.org/items/show/513 (accessed June 24, 2019).

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