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Hello, My name is Gloria Mendez Martinez Hobbs

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Hello, My name is Gloria Mendez Martinez Hobbs, born and raised in Fresno, Ca. My father was born in Colfax, California, my mother was born in Oxnard, California.
My mother's siblings and parents worked in Oxnard, Santa Paula, Fillmore and Saticoy, Ventura County. I remember my mother telling me her stories of how they lived and worked in the fields and living in labor camps. The only time they lived in an actual tent was in Tulare County near a river where the family was working for a dairy farmer. After following the harvest for many years the family settled and bought their first home in Fowler, and Sanger Fresno county, California. My father Raul lived most of his young life in Juares, Mexico...at the age of 15 he came back to the U.S. and started to work in the fields in Fresno County. Whenever the "Migra" would come in the fields looking for Mexicans without proper papers to work, my father wouldn't run because he was an American...but because he spoke no English and couldn't explain where he was born he was deported twice back to Mexico. After the last deportation he sent for his birth certificate and used everyday after that.
My mother's name is Ruth Tillie Mendez Married Raul Gonzales Martinez...
Her parents names are Ysabel Aguilar Mendez and Nicolasa Castillo married in San Pedro, California in 1923.
Their children's names are: Ruben, Elvira, Eva, John, Ruth, Marylou, Ysabel Jr, Belen, Nicolas, David and MaryHelen all Mendez. In 1980 my mother asked me to start writing some information on paper of her life growing up poor and working in the fields.
If anyone has heard these names before in the camps of Ventura County please contact me by my email HOBBS2575@comcast.net

Thank you....


Gloria Hobbs



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