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My Grandfather Severo Jimenez

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My Grandfather Severo Jimenez from Jalisco came to the U.S twice through the bracero program. His first adventure was to Chicago, Illinois. I don't know too much about his stay there as he rarely mentioned that trip. His second trip was to Anaheim, California. He told me about picking oranges for a Filipino foreman. He happily remembered that while perched up on the tree he would take the orange tree leaves and "play" them like an instrument. Taking the leaf to his lips he would make it play like a "trumpet". He would entertain his comrades with melody requests. He told me about a time the foreman asked him to come to his house on the weekend and "play" for his family. My grandpa happily attended as he was promised ten american dollars to "play" an orange leaf.. he laughed as he told me this story. He must of found it amusing that someone would pay him to play a leaf.
A musician at heart he always found a way to create music around him. He wrote many "corridos" about his life. I have the words to one in specific about his journey as a bracero. Unfortunately I was never able to get the music written down. My Grandpa passed away last August 2013 and while there are several stories I was able to write down about his life I am sad that I missed so many others. I have a notebook that I hand wrote as he dictated his life so often.

My plan is to write a memoir about what I do know about his life.
If anybody that happens to read this ever met him please don't hesitate to contact me.


Connie Guerrero Jimenez



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