Help me find my DAD!


Help me find my DAD!


Carla Morton


Carla Morton

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Hello, My name is Carla. I was given up at birth by my Biological Mother, Patricia Phares. She will not tell me who my father is. I only know a few things other than I look like him so here is the information I have about him:

1. My father worked on Herbert Phares Farm in Indiana
planting & harvesting tomatos
2. He worked the 1965 tomato season
3. He & my mother dated a few times
4. He stayed in Indianapolis, Indiana at the housing unit
4. I was born in May of 1966

So I am looking for any information &/or records from this time period for this area. Maybe I can find someone who knew of their relationship or possibly find my father.

I really would like to know him. No expectations other than knowing him. I have a lot of health problems and family information would be helpful.

Please lead the way to finding my DAD.




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