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The Perez Family from Jalisco, Mexico

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My father, Refugio Villalobos Perez came to the US via the Bracero Program in 1955. He left five of my brothers/sisters and my mother in Santa Maria Transportina, Jalisco for the opportunity to get to 'El Norte' via the Bracero Program. Once established, my father broughy my brothers/sisters and mohter to the US. Three siblings were born in the US.

My father worked many diferent jobs to support his nine children. He ended up working in the SF laborers union until his retirement. He and my mother spend his retiremtn between his ranch in Mexico and his hom ein northern CA.

I am proud of my jefe and the sacrifices he made to make a better life for his famila.

Four of his children attended UC Berkeley and the other five children took on union trades/careers. His oldest daughter, born in Mexico, is a year away from obtaining her PHD. He is the proud grandfather of over 20 grandchilren and recnetly welomed great grand children to the familia. Several of his grandchildren are in college and a grandchild recently graduated from UC Berkeley.

My fathers favorite sayings are:

1. Como un rio, siempre para delante!
2. Tiene uno que trabajar con coraje!
3. Nunca pienses que se te va cerrar el mundo.
4. No tengas miedo dejar un trabajo, el nuevo trabajo va ser mejor.
5. Hay que tener fe.

I carry my fathers bracero card in my wallet as a reminder that I can never give up on bettering what my jefe started.

I am proud of my father and mother and what they did for thier familia.


alberto perez



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