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my father was a bracero

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hi my name is luis gerrardo lopez and mi granpa justo work as a bracero wen he was 20 years old he said that wen he was living in ROMITA. G.T.O.the alcalde was hiering people to work in the U.S.A.like a bracero and he dind have any money to give to hes family he said that he was going to work in texas but from ROMITA they send him to REYNOSA and from REYNOSA to texsas hidalgo and he started workin their picking cotton and pickles but he told me that they had a fumigation process and that they hve to take their close of for the fumigation and that they justo eat bolonia whit hamburger bred and that they justo sleep on a catre insied a hOUSE well this is mi story and sorry for mi spelling .aim trying to contac you


luis lopez



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