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Mi Abuelo el Bracero, My bracero grandpa

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My grand father used to tell me that when he came to the United States as a bracero the Americans will fumigated him with a powder to disinfect him and to all the braceros. That powder which I don’t recall the name of it, can cause cancer and many other illness. My grandfather also used to tell me that because his blond hair and blue eyes he will be aloud to buy food or beer from Caucasian stores and he will play that he was deft and mute, he will get bear and goodies for his other bracero friends. This is sad and so discriminating.


Claudia Brunet



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Claudia Brunet , "Mi Abuelo el Bracero, My bracero grandpa," in Bracero History Archive, Item #3180, http://braceroarchive.org/items/show/3180 (accessed October 22, 2021).

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