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Guadalupe Estrada Estrada


Biographical Synopsis of Interviewee: Guadalupe Estrada Estrada was born in San Francisco de Borja, Chihuahua, México, in 1934; he worked the fields of his hometown with his father for ten years; in 1952, he enrolled in the bracero program and came to the United States; he worked in the cotton fields of Texas and New Mexico.

Summary of Interview: Mr. Estrada initially learned of the Bracero Program while working the fields of his hometown in San Francisco de Borja, Chihuahua, México; his first work contract was in Lamesa, Texas, for twenty-eight days; he was paid $1.50 per pound of cotton that he picked; while working, he hurt his hand and a rancher took him to the hospital; he also worked in Dell City, Texas and Las Cruces and Deming, New Mexico; when he returned to México it was difficult for him to find work.




Parra-Mantilla, Myrna



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