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Farmer's son

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I a son of a California farmer--in Chula Vista, CA (Otay Valley) we had a Bracero "camp" of about 40-50 Mexican workers for several years . I was born in 1948--after my family was released from Poston internment camp since we were detained as Japanese Americans.

Memories were that as a kid--I woud run down to the camp during lunch to get burritos from the workers--the workers seem to love to share their food.

Years and Years late--1990's---I was working as a lobbyist in Sacramento....I had the opportunity to meet new members of the California State Assembly. I had a meeting to meet a new member from Chula Vista--Juan Vargas a young Harvard trained new elected Legislator. During our meet and greet--Juan told me that his dad came to California as a Bracero working with a farmer named Takashima. I told him that farmer was my dad.

What wonderful turn of events---I am lobbyist seeking votes from person (Juan Vargas) that would not be in California but for his dad having the opportunity to come to California





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