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Braceros in Michigan

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Although our families had lived in Texas for at least 4 generations, in the summer of 1962 my brother Eduardo and I along with some other cousins went to pick fruit in Michigan due to a sever drought in south Texas. As it turned out when we arrived at the Michigan farm we were provided a place to live next to a Bracero House. I was 15 years old and i remember that the men who lived next door were mostly in the 20's and 30's. Not knowing much of our Texas Mexico history my brother and I found it strange when the Braceros would refer to us as "los vendidos" later i found out how some of our ancestors who were living in south Texas prior to the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo were given a year to decide whether to stay in place and become an American or go to Mexico. The way the braceros saw us was that since our ancestors stayed in south Texas we had been sold off along with the land after Mexico was compensated for Texas. Although we never had any altercations with them they did lay it on pretty good all week out in the field with the Vendido stuff especially since our Spanish was not very good (we only spoke Tex-Mex). But when Friday came around and they wanted our help on how to ask for certain things in town we got our revenge, eggs became leggs, bread became fred, coffee became toffee and so on. Eventually we reached an understanding and lived and worked in harmony for the rest of the summer. Looking back I believe that the Braceros we met that summer were honest decent hard working young men who were proud of their country. As far as I am concerned I believe the Bracero Program was a Win Win Program.

Teodosio (Ted) Herrera


Ted Herrera



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